Wednesday, May 30, 2012


There are certain events that happen in your life that just seem to get etched into your heart... they become a part of you.... they give your life meaning and purpose. They usually are so filled with emotion that everything seems like a whirlwind and then it settles and you just wish that you can relive the moment over and over until you know for certain that you won't ever forget any detail...any second of it.

I don't think that I will ever be able to stand inside Philadelphia International Airport without feeling the warmth of my tears fall down my cheeks.

Staring at the gate waiting to see our son walk through the doors of terminal D. 

Here he comes.... About to do the ugly cry. 

It really is happening.... after almost 2 years in process and 13 months since referral he is Finally home.
I would have loved him forever from half way around the world but am so thankful that our sweet son is home. Welcome to the USA baby boy!!!
After all the waiting and all the delays all that matters is that he is home - forever.

So blessed!!!!!

Finally in my arms again - this time forever. I love how you can see Zoey watching.
She couldn't wait for her baby brother and was so happy that he was finally home.

Thank you for brining our baby home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Father and Son.

Mother and Son. How I missed you James Jun-ha.

What a wonderful homecoming- God is so good!!! 

No doubt that these two are going to change the world.

Going home a family of four.

We have been so blessed by the miracle of adoption.

Anthony and I are proud parents of two special miracles.... both gifts from God.

Wong - Party of Four

12 days ago we became a family of four.

In our hearts we became that family when we started loving James over a year ago, but for him - he never knew that one day the family he loved would have to say goodbye and that he would travel by plane half way around the world because it was all in God's plan for us to be a family.

12 days ago people from all over prayed for James' arrival home.
The outpouring of support was amazing. My sweet James you are one loved little boy.

Just a few favorite Welcome Homes :)

*Maddox and James played together with Karen right before James' Birthday.*
*Maddox will be arriving home to his forever family this weeknd*

*I have met some amazing friends right here in NJ on this journey. James and Cole celebrated their first Birthday together in Korea and now they will be living about an hour apart.*
*Cole will be home in a few weeks*

*Kwon was the first Jersey baby to make it home-How stinkin cute is this kid?*
*His MaMa is an awesome friend who is always there to listen :)*

We appreciate and are so very thankful for the calls, facebook posts, emails, cards, gifts, edible arrangements, balloons, breakfast deliveries, brownies, lunch, dinner, big sister gifts, and all the thoughts and prayers. We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

1 week home

In some ways it is hard to believe it has already been a week and in others its hard to believe it has only been a week since we welcomed home this cute little guy.

Little man loves to nap on the floor!!!! Silly kid!!!! He just gets his blanket when he feels
a nap coming on and sticks his 2 little fingers in his mouth and sleeps.
The past few days MaMa has enjoyed some snuggle time during nap time but
James is pretty independant in his sleep.

The second day home we knew that this kid would never be in a crib....this kid can climb!!! His report said that he has always slept on a mat on the floor and will wake up to make sure his foster mother is sleeping next to him. Since this little guy has lost so much already we decided that we would try to keep the sleeping arrangements as close to what he was used to as possible. We took the crib down and put the mattress on the floor and rolled out the trundle bed and put it right next to it.

By day 3 he was going to bed between 7 and 8 and waking between 530-630. We have bene trying to get him to stay up a little later and then wake up a little later but when this boy is ready for bed he is ready.

He ususally takes one long nap ( 1 1/2 hours) or 2 short naps (30 minutes).

He loves his big sister and she loves him. He gets so excited to see the bus bring her home each afternoon. She definitely is learning to have more patience ....and in time he is going to be learning that we don't push sister or hit her.

James has learned 2 English words this week.


Hi!!! he loves to say Hi when he sees someone. At the park yesterday he pointed and said Hi to two teenage girls. His face lights up and he smiles so big when he gets a response.

James is much smaller then we imagined and all his clothes are a little big.

Here he is watching his new favorite show ....Yo Gabba Gabba!!!

And here he is practicing to feed himself some yogurt. When he first came home
he hated the highchair and now he loves it. The only problem is all the boy wants to eat is Kka Kka ( Korean for snacks) ALL. DAY.LONG. Not only does he want to snack he is picky and wants what he wants when he wants it.

I have not been able to get him to eat a veggie at all - he spits it back out!!!

He loves yougurt, Bananas, and cheese.....chicken nuggets and pizza.

He spits out dumplings, most noodles, gim ( seaweed snacks that every other kid coming home from Korea usually loves). He wouldn't even try the jook I made. Oh, and the Annie's organic bunny mac and cheese he spit out and threw from his tray... If he doesnt want to try he just shakes his head back and forth.

A whole lot of toddler meal preperation happens but very little gets eaten.

Bath time is hard.... really hard. He wont even go near a bathtub.

We have been washing him in the sink and while he looks calm here I assure you that this is NEVER the case. He just hates it so much....he hated it in Korea and hates it here.
We are trying to ease him into in slowly and baths are VERY quick in the sink for now.

Right now he isn't the happiest camper. He awoke sick last night and had to go to the doctors this morning - ummm, he liked that almost as much as he likes baths.  Croup!!!! He is miserable and cranky which is so not like him. Hoping in the next few days the smiley little boy is back and the sickies are behind us all. ( 1 week home and Anthony and I had stomach bugs, I have a sinus infection, and now James has croup)

Welp, thats all we have time for tonight.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


James is HOME!!!

Not sure how long this will be because I have just as long as my baby boy naps and we still really just do not know.  :) Once we are all settled in more I am sure I will have time to really dedicate to the beautiful airport homecoming of my sweet son -  with pictures and feelings and all that good stuff.

So, for now this will be just an all over post because that sums it up here at the Wong's. Things are a little crazy and we definitely have our hands full this week - but we rather have full hands then empty ones and we are blessed to have our hearts full too. 

The airport was as dramatic and emotional as you can imagine. It was nice to have my mother, cousin, James' godparents and thir family, and Karen ( remember from way back when readers - the wonderful person who met James and sang to him and held him and loved on him while she was picking up her daughter Hannah?) and her family.  We also met two nice families who were also picking up their children.

Zoey asked a zillion times when her baby brother was coming and was just overjoyed. Anthony and I were excited, nervous, but relatively calm. I didn't reallty start to cry until Karen arrived and I saw her little Hannah on her back. Karen is one of the most amazing people I have ever known and I am certain that God aligned everything so that the two of us could know eachother. He knew  that her faith would help strengthen mine and that I would be a better person just for knowing her. 

James did well coming off the plane and wanted to be down and running around. He was so happy!!! He wanted to be in the stroller that I brought for Zoey and go for a ride. He climbed right into the car got buckled in and headed home - snacking on puffs and juice.

We got home and he continued to be happy for a few hours and then the grief set in. He wanted to know where his Omma was. He cried so hard he was gasping for air. It broke my heart to see the pain he was in. I would have done anything that night to make his Omma appear so he wouldnt be in so much pain. He cried himself to sleep and I tried to sleep beside him but mostly just prayed for his heart to heal.

Yesterday was tough.
He grieved hard on and off.
We played in the yard and he was so happy but then he went searching for his Omma.
He walked around the yard calling and looking and he was so hurt.

Everything Anthony and I did made him angry because all it did was remind him that we weren't Omma.

When bedtime came gaain he grieved hard and this time he must have known that Omma wasn't coming.
Instead he called for Appa (foster father) My poor boy. He doesn't like us to hold him when he grieves it makes him angrier. So instead, we lay next to him and quietly tell him its ok.  He fell asleep after about 40 minutes though and slept all night.

Today was much better.
He drank his milk finally and ate pretty well. He played with us and even gave his first hug - all on his own - to his big sister. He wanted to sit on my lap and came to me on his own for the first time since the grieving started. He even had his first diaper change without crying for his Omma.

We played outside and he loved the sandbox and afterwards we had a bath in the sink. (he wanted nothing to do with a bath yesterday) He played in the water and had fun but we didnt wash his hair. (Omma reported he doesnt like that at home so he surely wouldn't like it here at his new home- we will wait a few days on that!!!)

He then got out of the sink and pee'd on the floor before I changed him, slipped on the pee, fell and cried for Omma - poor baby. I got him dressed which isnt easy when he is so angry and thrashing around because he misses her .... and then for the first time he let me rub his back while he cried for his Omma. He finallyy fell asleep and is napping.

Things are going as I expected. At times even better!! I knew that it would be hard for him to leave Omma because I  know how much they love each other. And I know that in time he will love us as as much as he loved his foster family. Until then we are just taking it one day at a time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Day in Korea

It's Thursday in Seoul, the last day that James will be spending with his foster family....
Thinking about it is almost gut wrenching and brings tears to me eyes...
Adoption is hard...beautiful, but hard.

When I was in Korea last month I could see the love in her eyes as we both sat inside that
small little room at Holt looking at the little boy that we both cared about and loved so much.
She had a natural glow as she told me about my son, the son that she had the chance to know all these months and I wanted to know more about. She told me about the nickname her husband gave him because he was strong and that his favorite blanket was the one I sent in the very first care package after learning that James was going to be my son.

To see the two of them together was hard because I knew that the time they had left together was limited. That pretty soon my son was going to lose the person that cared for him, comforted him and loved him so very much for over a year. He was going to lose his Omma.

After a few hours with James I didn't know how I was going to say goodbye. The tears fell down my cheeks and my heart felt like a knife went through it. It took every ounce of strength to carry my sleeping little boy back into the agency and place him back into Omma's arms. I watched her walk back out of the agency with him and i didn't know how I would make it another minute without him, let alone 4-8 more weeks.

It hurt to be in Seoul and not be with my baby. It hurt to get back on the plane and know that the big blue ocean would seperate us again. I can't imagine how his foster mother must feel knowing that in another day it will be time to say goodbye and that big ocean will seperate her from the little boy she loves so much.  I wish her last day with James is everything she could hope for and more. I wish that she  finds comfort knowing how much he is loved already and how thankful we are that she loved our little boy and cared for him while we were waiting.

My heart is hurting tonight for James too. He loves his Omma so much. He trusts her and finds comfort in her and pretty soon his world is going to be turned upside down and she wont't be there. That thought hurts - big time. I love this little boy so much that I do not want him to know the pain of a loss like this. I pray that he can find some comfort in me as he grieves the loss of the life he once had. I pray that his heart heals quickly when he feels the abundant love that we have for him already.
Sweet boy, you are so loved.

Please keep James,  his foster mother and foster family in your prayers. Pray for them both to have peace in their hearts as they say goodbye to one another. Pray that James travels safely to America and that his pain isnt too great as he leaves the land of the morning calm. Please pray for his transition and attachment to us, his new forever family.

Sweet baby James,

This is it - The last time you will say goodbye to a family.  
I know that by the time I hold you in my arms on Friday you will have already had three mothers... a birthmother who gave you the greatest gift - life.... your first foster mother who rocked you, fed you, and sat by your side when you were hospitalized for some tummy issues when you were just three months old...and then your second foster monther who you spent over a year with... who has been there to see you grow into a little boy...who watched you crawl, roll over, and was there for your very first step.

I am your fourth mama - your forever mama.
I might not have had the last twenty months with you but I get every single tomorrow from Friday until eternity.

" I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coming Home - Travel Information

James Jun-ha is coming home.

We got the call today that he will be arriving home on 5/18. He is being escorted home along with two other babies by four Holt foster mothers and some members of the Holt staff.

Several people have asked about coming to the airport so I wanted to post all the flight information.

He will be flying United Air and arriving home at 9:10 PM at Philadelphia International Airport.

If you plan on coming please message me for exact flight information, gate, etc

Still in shock - my sweet boy is coming home!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This morning I called the National Visa center is Washington, DC again.

After waiting on hold for quite a bit today a cheery voice on the other end asked how she could help me.

Me: I am calling to check on the status of my sons adoption file.

NVC:  Can I have your number.

Me: Sure - SEO  ********

NVC: Ohhh, Ohhhhhh

Me: Yes

NVC: He is coming home - his Visa has been issued.

Me: ( starting to do the ugly cry but trying to keep composed) - Really!!!

NVC: What a cute little one.

Ahhhhhhhhh -----> Still can't believe it.

So, in a nutshell - James has a Visa and can come to America. My baby boy really is all ready to come home. Finally, after all this time and all the holdups he can come home.

Now, we just wait for the agency to put the last details together - his travel arrangements - and for them to call me and tell me "He is coming home". 

All day my heart beat out of my chest when the phone would ring but today was not the day.
Hoping for tomorrow.

So, what are we doing during these last few days before James comes home ?

Everything is pretty much ready for James - so now we are focusing on Zoey. Having extra family fun days because pretty soon her world is going to be rocked a little too. She has been an amazing big sister during this wait. She always thinks of her brother and the love that she has for him can already be seen. She is far too innocent to understand all that is about to happen and she already wants to protect the brother that she has loved from so far away this last year.

I came home from Korea a few weeks ago with an album full of pictures and a framed photograph of James and his foster mother (Omma). I put the framed picture on his dresser and a few days later was in his bedroom when Zoey came in and brought the photo over to me. She looked at me with such worry, and in her quiet little voice she asked me where James' mommy was going to sleep.
Her small little hand was pointing to Omma.
"We don't have a room for her"
The tears welled up in my eyes for so many different reasons.

My little girl has known in her heart that James was her brother from the moment she saw his picture and she has been so proud and honored to be a big sister. Like us, she has watched him grow in pictures, and in many of those photographs Omma was with him. My little princess really had no idea that the mommy who took care of him in Korea was going to have say goodbye to him so he could come to his forever family.

My heart has been breaking for Omma knowing that her time with James will soon be coming to an end and here Zoey is, with all her innocence, she could never imagine that kind of loss.
She knows that James is her brother but still has no idea of all that has transpired in his short little life that allows us the opportunity to be his family.

Please continue to pray for Omma and James as they say goodbye to each other in the coming days.
I wish that there was a way to prevent both their hearts from hurting.


It is hard to believe that this is it - in a few days James will be home with us -  forever. There were times during this wait that I really didnt know if this day would really ever come. I knew that I loved my son, and that I would never give up waiting to bring him home, but honestly sometimes I worried that I would be loving him from half way around the world - forever.

It is so hard to believe that I survived the setbacks, the changes in expectations, and the delays and here I stand just days away from the other side of the wait and I can say that it was all worth it. The tears, the uncertainty, the pleading and begging, the praying, the days when I didn't think I could go on ... I would do it all again.... The journey wasn't easy but the reward has made my heart abundantly full.

I have been blessed to have been given two miracles in my lifetime.... Zoey and James.
Neither miracle came easy - but both journeys changed my life forever.
Neither child came to me easy, but for that I am a better mother.
I will never take for granted the gift that motherhood is.

My faith has been tested so many times but everything has happened in His perfect timing.

We may not have it all together, but together we really do have it all.
I couldn't imagine my life any other way.

I am married to my best friend, I have a beautiful daughter, and my son is coming home any day.
We have amazing family and friends that have supported us through thick and thin and so many new friends that we have connected with on this adoption journey.

I have my fair share of trials - trust me!!!  But the good by  far "trumps" the bad.

Here I am at 33 and I have everything I ever dreamed of.
A loving husband, two beautiful children, and wonderful family and friends.
I am blessed to stay at home with my babies and have days filled with playdates, art projects, and the beach and I have some pretty amazing friends - old and new.

Really, can it get any better then this?

Ummm, wait ... it can..... when I get the call... and James comes home - FOREVER.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazing news!

What an amazing week it has been !!!!!

Last week, on 5/2, this email found its way to us.  James finally has his EP - this is the one piece of paperwork that we needed to bring him home for the last year.  

With this approval the agency tells us to plan on another 2-4 weeks before you recieve travel call. Several things still need to happen.... but the final thing that needs to happen is a Visa Interview at the embassy in Seoul, Korea. 

This morning I called Washington, DC to check on the status of my sons adoption file. I expected to hear the same thing that I did on Friday...That they were still waiting on the P3 packet ( the embassy sent the packet to the agency after our petition to adopt James was approved by the USCIS and it gets returned to the embassy when all paperwork is completed). Today that was not the case.

Today they said "he has a visa interview on 5/8".

I didn't quite get just what that meant - I repeated it - and then my mom shouted out that is tomorrow.

It was hard to believe. I didn't expect it for at least another week.
As the tears streamed down and I was filled with emotion I decided I had to call - Again!!!
Just in case I didn't hear right.... Just in case it was a mistake.
Guess what, it wasn't - the voice on the other end this time said - Tomorrow!!!

And with Korea being 13 hours ahead of us .....right now.... it is 5/8 in Korea.

Within the next 24 hours this little boy will finally have all the paperwork he needs to come
join his forever family at home.

What happens next ?!?!?

Well, my heart has already started beating out of my chest when the phone rings. We now must wait for our "Travel Call".  The phone will ring and since we are an escorting family they will tell us when James will be arriving. Several people have had this call come before the VI appointment even happened but most get the call a day or two after. I am definitely thinking that it will happen before the end of the week. Ahhhh!!!!

Please keep James and his foster family in your prayers.

While I am crying tears of joy that James will be completing his visa interview in Korea today and that he is so close to coming home his foster mother will surely be crying different tears. She is going to wake up knowing that her days are limited with the little boy that she has loved for so long. I couldn't imagine loving him for well over a year knowing that a time would come when it was time to say goodbye.

When I was in Korea a few weeks ago his foster mother gave me an album filled with pictures of his time with her and the rest of his foster family. They are incredibly hard to look at knowing that pretty soon every person in the pictures is going to experience a big loss. For over a year they were a family and now all of that is about to change. Please pray for his foster Omma and the rest of the family - that they find peace knowing that James has a forever family that loves him so much and that I will honor my promise to send frequent updates so she can continue to watch him grow. 

Please pray for James. That this transition isn't too hard on him and that the grief from losing the family that he has been with for so long isn't too painful. I know that initially we are in for a rough transition but he is far too little to understand everything that is about to happen and all that is about to change.

I pray that he will find comfort in my arms as he works through the loss of finding comfort in his Omma's arms.

I love him so much and wish that I could shelter him from the pain and grief that he is about to go through. I have to remind myself that foster care is temporary and soon enough his foster family will have another child to take care of until they have a forever family.

I have to remember that adoption is born out of loss...and this is the last loss of family that James will ever have to go through. That we are his forever family - the family that his birth mother wished for him to have.
We are the forever family that his foster family has showed him pictures of for over a year.

Pretty soon, we will all be together..... forever.

Miracles do happen - God is so good!!!