Saturday, October 27, 2012

Post Placement Finished

In 2010 we started the process....

...In 2011 we were matched with this sweet face...

After waiting and waiting ....
pleading and praying...

flying halfway around the world and getting back on the plane with
empty arms....

and continuing to wait...
13 long months before finally having him home...forever.

The visits with our social worker have been finished.
We have been granted the consent to adopt.

We are ready to petition the courts and have them grant what our hearts have known for a very long time.

That this little boy is ours, he is our son, and he will forever be.
That from the moment we knew of him he was so very loved.

That he was so worth the wait and wait and wait.
That we would have waited forever if it meant he would be our son.

That somehow through all the loss in adoption something beautiful is created.

The beauty is called Family.

Once upon a time you were just a dream.

A desire to parent another child... a seed planted in my heart...

Slowly that dream grew.

So blesses to say

we made a wish.....and you came true. 

And in the coming weeks we will stand before the judge and oficially become a forever family.

One blessed Omma.

James Turned 2 !!!!

Guess who turned 2 ?

We are a little behind in the blogging world - his birthday was September 23rd.

When it comes to birthdays we like to celebrate - big!!!

We know that both of our children are ours by miracles. They both have these
unique stories that remind us how blessed we are to be their parents.
The journey to become a family was hard and has taught us to really celebrate
life.....especially our childrens lives...and all the joy that they bring us.

Last year, my heart was hurting because I couldn't celebrate with this sweet boy.
I hadn't yet met him and he had no idea who i was .....but I was his mother..
and I wanted to celebrate with him.

This year, my sweet boy was home and we celebrated TOGETHER!!!

Opening presents when he woke up.

Pushing around his new shopping cart - that he since turned into his "janitor cart".
He fills it up with his fake cleaning products, broom, and bucket and pushes it around.
This little boy is so smart - he is so clever - and just figures things out!

Big sister was very excited to celebrate her brothers big day and even helped decorate.

Since James loves animals (like really he bonded with the pet guinea pig the first 15 minutes home and they still adore each other) we knew that he had to have a farm party.

A John Deere Farm Party

With tractor wheels...

pitch forks, shovels, hay bales, chicken feed, and lots of yummy food too.

James' farm cake. 2 weeks later he still carries around those little animals.

Special friends from Korea were there.

And one special guest... The only person to celebrate James' Birthday with him last year in Korea....
his buddy Cole. Cole and James were together in the same room celebrating before his mom and I even became friends. When they met again here in NJ it was like they were instant friends - like they knew each other forever. I am so thankful for the friends that I have met on this journey...and so very thankful for the friendships that James is creating.

The day was everything I had dreamed of for my sweet little boy.

On a scale of 1-10 it was off the charts at 100+.

He loved all of the animals. As soon as he saw them he did that deep
belly Uh uH uH pointing thing he does. Only two things gets that big belly chuckle...firetrucks (which is recent - like seriously today) and animals.

He points his finger and the excitement just follows.
This boy loves him some animals.

I wish everyday could be a petting zoo 2nd Birthday kinda day.

Sweet baby boy...words can't explain how blessed
we are to call you our son. We have physically only been your parents 
for a short time, but you have grown in our hearts since so very long ago. So
blessed to get to spend the rest of forever together.