Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yikes, It Has Been Awhile

Wow, I have been a very bad blogger. Hard to believe my last entry was over six months ago. When we were in the long process to bring our sweet boy home this blog was my release, the place to come and put it all out there, to work through the hard stuff that was going on in my head. Now, now he has been home and settled and life is full of crazy adventures and sports and activities. There is no doubt that my littles keep me busy, my hands full, but right along with those full hands is a very full heart. 

So, Let's play CATCH UP!! 
We can pretend that I have been diligently updating this space in a timely fashion. 
You know, pretend that I am on top of everything. 

Lunar New Year!!! 

How cute is this little guy all dressed in the hanbok his foster Omma picked for him?

Here he is holding his umbilical cord. It arrived in the USA a few months after he was home and I am just so thankful to have it.  

 Awards Day :) 

First Pageant! 

James meeting his friend Paul who just came home from Korea. 
We could  not be more happy for Paul and his family. 

Easter Egg time!! 

Chilly Spring on the boardwalk.

My life ♥

Taking after his cousin Haley - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! 


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