Friday, January 25, 2013


Well, it is freezing and we can't wait for warmer weather.
Spring, please come soon.

While we wait the kids have been keeping busy with lots of activities.

Zoey has started a cooking class on Monday's and Wednesday's afterschool
and James loves to pick her up from class and snack on whatever the kids have made.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of him sitting with the "big" kids last week -
but this will have to do.

This boy takes eating VERY serious.

James started Karate - Tae Kwon Do!

He has only gone once so far but he is so stinking cute!!
We are excited to be starting him so young because the school is Korean based
and we thought it would be a great place for him to continue to learn more Korean.

James did great for his first class.
At one point, Master said "Say Thank you Sir" and James looked
at him, smiled, and leaned in for a kiss.
Sorry my sweet sweet boy - No kisses in Karate!

(head over to facebook and look at my videos to see it all unfold :)

The class that James will be in is aged 2-4, but right now it seems like the kids are all a little older and James is definitely just a baby compared to the preschoolers in the group. So, they have matched him up with a teenager who has a black belt and was also adopted..from Korea..and born in Busan..just like James.
God is definitely in the details - how amazing is that!!!

For the next month James will be working on the basics..

and MaMa will be trying to convince him that he likes
his new Karate uniform.

Well that, and washing it over and over until it gets soft :)

Zoey had her Daisy Investiture Ceremony - and officially became a Daisy.

She has been working hard since September to earn her petals and patches,
 sell her nuts and cookies,
and be a good girl scout.
So proud of her!!!

She has really grown so much in so many ways over  the last year.

Next week she starts tumbling and she keeps on asking to join Cheerleading.
Things are getting busy over here at the Wongs - throw in her OT and she has a full
afterschool schedule every day of the week.

Things are certainly busy at the Wongs - but things have really fallen into place.

These two are quickly becoming the best of friends. 
It is hard to remember back to the time when James was so jealous of Zoey 
that he didnt want her anywhere near me. He would push her away from me over and over. 
And Zoey, she had a hard time dealing with his screaming and grieving and would suggest that "maybe he wanted to go back" and when she really struggled sometimes the sencerity in her words just wasn't there and we would hear strong words flowing from her lips and would cringe at the sound of  "Send him back".
What a difference a little time makes. 

They really love eachother - and I love that they love each other.  
I love that Zoey loves to tuck her brother in each night and that James never forgets his sister "Wow-ee" when he says his prayers. I love the way they spash together in the tub and the way Zoey looks after her baby brother - instead of getting upset when he cries she has learned to comfort him - to get his blanket.

I love how James gets so excited when Zoey comes in from school and how he loves to climb into her bed in the morning and say "Good Moon-ing"

I love how I can't remember the last time the "maybe he wants to go back" words came from her mouth but instead this week when I picked her up from school another  teacher came to see James and said that Zoey let her know that James was a Wong now and we were all a family - she is so proud to be  a big sister.
James really looks up to Zoey. He watches what she does, takes it in, and wants to learn to do it as well.
Like potty training, if big sister wears "UnderWearwers" then he wants to too.
He keeps them dry all day long and big sister cheers him on.

The only thing greater then underwear - Mickey underwear.

They balance each other.

They compliment each other.

But most of all...

 They LOVE each other ♥

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh My Word - James

A few weeks ago my mom sent me a picture...

It was of a little boy with the following words

"Remember the day you brought me home and you were
filled with joy? go to that place because I just drew all over the walls
and shaved the dog" 

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Little Boy......BIG SPIRIT!!!

When I was in Korea visiting with James his foster mother used 2 words to describe James.

Smart and Strong.
 Yeah, that about sums it up.

This cute little boy can sure get into things.

No matter how much we child proof he outsmarts us.

James and the hair lotion he fingerprinted the furniture with.
Too bad he does not like to get dirty when we actually do try and finger paint.

James needed a closer view of the TV I guess.
Not only did he climb, you can clearly  see  how he built
"stairs" to get up there.

Here I left a sleeping little boy who was quiet and napping. He used a stool to climb over his gate, somehow opened the door with the child proof gadget that was supposed to keep him out.
He got into the vanity and opened fast drying nail polish.
He then painted his nails, his hand, the floor, and a cup.
He was so quiet that I had no idea... until my daughter, who has an over active sensory system,
came to me complaining that she smelled "permanent marker".


Here, I left James and Zoey watching TV on my bed while I put laundry away.
James opened one of those special, designed to keep kids out doorknobs, and proceeded to bring
my makeup bag from the bathroom into the bed - and well, the picture says it all.

Zoey's reply - "I told him it wasn't a good idea mommy"

James and the red Gatorade.

And for every antic we catch on film I assure you we have at least 3 that we don't.

Somehow I missed the climbing on top of the fridge ( with a chair from across the room)
and shoveling the potty rewards into his mouth mishap..
 I missed the sneaking in the pantry and opening the yoo hoo sippy boxes and drinking
not one but two when I was trying to get dinner started.
The emptying out my wallet, hiding daddy's phone in the oven of the play kitchen, taking everyone's keys,
getting into the diaper bag in an effort to find treats, putting play food in gertie the guinea pigs cage...

James cooks fresh spinach. 
While I was cooking he must have taken the greens that I was washing and decided to cook them up himself. 
How funny is it that he chose a colander just like I was using. 
And to think we just broke him of the habit of dumping his sippy cups in the play tea cups. 

Good thing he plays hard and rests hard or I would never keep up. 
Actually, thats when he usually goes on a mission. 
He can be quietly resting for some time and then quietly he executes his missions. lol 

I should have known to be on the watch - with a smile like his how can he not be a little mischievous?. 

 But his mischievousness is balanced out by sweetness..and care...and kindness.

 He has a gentleness about him... he loves to cuddle and give kisses and hugs.
He loves to take care of his baby and carry her "ah boo bah".

So I can overlook that he takes EVERY.Single.Pillow (sometimes cushions too)
and stacks them up in the living room several times a day. I can close my eyes and not see the 652 scratches on my favorite coffee table that I have had since before Zoey was born.. .and the fact that hit had 0 scratches before he came home... and instead remind myself that we both happen to love that table.. he just shows his love with big vehicles and blocks rolling all over his favorite place to play.

Because at the end of the day I wouldn't change a single thing.
This kid has a HUGE personality.
and a little part of it happens to be mischievous.
And one day I am going to look back and miss this.. .this age...the antics
and I will laugh, heck between me and you, sometimes its hard not to laugh right in the moment.

I am blessed beyond measure.

These two are just amazing.

Sick today, :(  but just amazing.