Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Weeks

You have been home for 10 weeks now and I feel so blessed that
God gave me you. I am forever thankful that we were led towards this amazing journey..
..that the seed of adoption was planted in our hearts..and that after all the struggles in the process
here we are with you.

Three weeks ago you were Baptized in the church and as I stood holding
you in my arms I was reminded of the day that I sat and cried in the very same pew
as I pleaded to God to make sense of the long wait. My arms were empty and I longed
 to hold you and I couldn't take the thought of watching you grow from a baby into a toddler
without me.

On July 8th, your Baptism day, I held you in my arms and knew that God saw his
perfect plan through.

After church, we celebrated the gift of you with a party
where you met the rest of your family. 

You were so happy all day long. You were the life of the party and
enjoyed all the attention. You ate, danced and even stuck your hand in the cake.

We showed a slide show of the journey to you. Here you are pointing to your Omma
in Korea and showing me its the same picture we look at when you sit on my lap at my computer desk.

Cutting the rug on the dance floor. Boy, you got some moves.

Ummm, yeah that's my boy taking a wallet out of someones purse.

Party Time! Loving the Balloon Animals.

At 10 weeks home we are better then I could have ever imagined.
You have grown so much -  you gained 4 lbs in 10 weeks. I think someone
was happy to try new things. Your favorites - Bananas, Mandarin oranges, Yogurt, Pizza, Macaroni & Cheese, Spaghetti, Bread, corn - but only on the cob, crackers, pretzels, and ANYTHING your sister is eating. You steal it right out of her hand when you have the chance...but were working on that.
Thomas the Train and Cars are your favorite. You love to play anything that sister is playing and sometimes mommy has to draw the line on what is appropriate. You have tried to eat Moon Dough and BendaRoos - I think the confusion was we were playing with them at the kitchen table - where we eat. You always try and wear her make believe play make-up and you love Barbie's corvette. Dollhouse is another favorite but big sister gets mad when you drive your trucks through the house. You also have taken a big interest in the play kitchen but mommy gets frustrated when you use your teeth to open your cup and then dump the contents in the make believe pan or when your trying to put water in the pot - from the toilet.
Your trying so hard at learning new words. You love to stare at my lips as I over enunciate words.
My favorite new word for you - UH OH. you say it so cute and always use it appropriately. Last week you repeated me and said REALLY. Whenever you or your sister do something off the wall or naughty I usually say "Really". You looked right up at me and with your huge grin said it right back.
Now when I say "Really James"
You remind me "Really:"
That grin - your big smile. Now that your entering the terrible two's you look right at me.... flash that beautiful smile....and proceed to do things you know you shouldn't while looking right at me to test how far you can go. It is hard not to laugh because your just that cute. Sometimes you stop with a simple Hajima but sometimes you try and press your luck. Usually, like 9 seconds in the time out chair cures it. You cry for about six seconds and then get quiet and Omma asks if your ready and you come running to get your post time out hugs - with your huge smile of course.
You love to be on the go and  have mastered holding Omma's hand and walking nicely like a big boy.
Your potty training yourself and I am in denial. You watch sister and want to do EVERYTHING she does. The first time you expressed that you wanted to go on the potty and went I gave you one M & M. It seemed fititng since its what we used when potty training your sister. Zoey asked if she got one when she went and I explained in more preschool friendly words that for her that ship has sailed. But if she encouraged James she would get one every time he went. Well, James whips off his diaper several times a day and goes  # 1 & 2 and Zoey is a huge cheerleader.....and I just added more M & M's to my shopping list. How did this happen - just 10 weeks ago you were 1 day old to me.
Your super cuddly and super sweet and melt my heart every day. Still, at 10 weeks home, I look at you and overflow with tears because you are such a blessing.

And your home, where you belong.