Sunday, March 20, 2011

Divine Intervention

As I was updating my adoption timeline today I began to think about the similarities in dates and my pregnancy with Zoey.

During the month of October we began trying to conceive with Zoey, just as during the month of October we started the adoption process.

On February 10th I got my first positive pregnancy test - and this time on February 10th I became pregnant on paper. My paperwork was completed - and sent to Korea. It was official !!!!

Tonight was the first time I noticed the similarities.

I just can't help but think that the similarities are a sign of divine intervention. A way for God to reassure me that this incredible journey is indeed the path that we are destined for, that we are exactly where we should be. Waiting for His hand to bless us with the referral of the newest member of the family.

So, I know that it is in your time not mine God, but we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest Wong. :) Can you help a girl out?

Monday, March 14, 2011

We're Back

Future Big Sister
So, I started this blog almost a year ago - and that was pretty much when I stopped updating it. Wow, time sure does fly. Now that we are on this incredible new journey I thought it was time to bring the blog back again :)

We started the process to adopt a baby from Seoul, South Korea six months ago. It has been a busy six months filled with paperwork, appointments, home visits, and more paperwork all while keeping up with everyday life. We are super excited to have been accepted into the program and officially have been ready & waiting for a match since our homestudy went to Korea on 2/10/11.

Zoey is so excited to become a big sister. When we first began the process if we asked her if she wanted a baby brother or sister she would answer that she only wanted a baby sister. After much emphasis on the baby brother part she is now waiting for the arrival of her baby brother. (which might be a bit confusing if we are matched with a girl) She has been keeping a tight watch on her old microphone rattle she had come across and when I ask about it she tells me that she is going to give it to her baby brother ♥
So, please feel free to check back ( but not too often since I am the world's worst blogger) and join us in our journey.