Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bad Blogger!!!

Somehow, I haven't posted since September. 
Surely, it is not because we have had nothing to post. 
Time has been flying past, and life just has been busy!! 
So, here is a quick recap in pictures!!! 

 Zoey turned 6 
 We celebrated with a trip to NYC. She had so much fun at American Girl!!! 
 We even made it to St. Patricks and Toys R Us in Times Square. 

Zoey also started Cheerleading and LOVES it!!! 

Much of the month of August and September was filled with some "Smile. Sparkle.Shine"!! 
 This kid has come so far!!! 

James started school and LOVES it!!
He walked right in with confidence and never cried once. 
Mama, well not so  much, but she did save it for the car. 

How is my baby in preschool?

Zoey started the first grade and is loving it. 
She has come so far from preschool and I could not be any prouder. 

These two are becoming the best of friends. 
Hard to believe that their was a time that I worried about their bond. 

James turned 3 and boy does this kid like to celebrate!!!
He loves him a party!!! 
 Or two!!!
He had lots of fun with his family and friends and Bounce U!!! 

A little more cheerleading!!!
Zoey was super excited to cheer a quarter with the high schoolers!!!

Cheer ended and Halloween came. 
Here is Zoey before the Halloween dance!!
 The kids before one of many Trunk or Treats. 

World's cutest LION. 

Working on his RRROOOOAAAAARRR!!!!

Our friend Elvis returned from the North Pole!!!
 He left a note saying to head to Sesame Place!!! 

How exciting!!!
It was cold but oh so much fun!! 

Oh my word!!! 

Hope you enjoyed the recap!!!
Again this year, I will make a resolution to be more diligent with blogging. 
I will remind myself that this is preserving the kids childhood. 
That one day they may like to look back - or maybe not.