Thursday, September 19, 2013

Can't Believe James is Turning 3

Not quite sure how this little boy who was very much still a baby when I met in Korea is going to be three years old in a few days. 

It was barely 16 months ago!!!
Did he grow up overnight?!?!

I am not quite sure how time went so quickly!!! 

Didn't we just celebrate his 2nd Birthday!!! 

Can someone push the pause button?!?!

Hard to believe that another year has passed!!!

And it wasn't just a year - but a year of many firsts!!! 

 Just a few highlights

We survived our first hurricane - but no pictures of that :) 

First Halloween!!! 

Yes, he still does love to take his cars wherever he goes. 

First trip to Disney!!! 

First black eye ....

just days before his first trip to court so we could become a forever 
family of four. James has serious business yo take care of. 

First Christmas home 

A special visit from Santa. 

First time playing in the snow. 

First Easter home. 

First Easter Eggs 
(well what was left after so many cracked) 

This year we have to be more gentle. 

First sports activity 

First Medal!!!

First (and hopefully last)  Broken bone

First hospital stay and surgery. :( 

James wasn't too upset about it. 

First cast in his favorite color. 

First day of school. 

 Can't wait to celebrate the big "3"