Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Party at the North Pole

This year I told Zoey she could have some friends over for a mother and daughter holiday night of fun. 
I had seen the theme "Party at the North Pole" and just went with it. 

She wanted to invite her entire class, cheerleading team, Daisy group, old playgroup friends, and all of her other friends and cousins. We worked on her understanding the concept of a small group and finally she decided.  Unfortunately, between the stomach bug and the snow several girls were unable to make it but we still had a great time 

Just about every single idea can be found on Pinterest. What did I ever do before I found that site?

Reindeer Food Bar 

Labels can be found and printed on Pinterest. 

Gingerbread houses - hot glued before the kids arrived for durability. 

Place card signs with popsicle sticks and gum drops. 

North Pole cupcakes. 


Frosty's Favorite Popcorn 

Snack Table 

The girls working hard on letters to Santa. 

Painting ceramic ornaments. 

Most of these girls have been friends since they were a year old. 
Without them, none of us mama's would have become friends either. 

Seeing them hard at work on their projects makes it hard to believe that they ever were tiny toddlers wrecking havoc together during playgroups that would last hours because everyone was having a great time. 

Hard at work! 

Such great jobs they all did. 

We played pin the nose on Rudolph. 

The girls were giggling and laughing and having so much fun. 

Picture Time!!! 

I can't help but to think 11 years from now we could be looking at a picture like this in the yearbook - you know the section with all the old photos - as we prepare to watch our babies graduate from high school. 

Yeah, I am fighting back the tears. 

Ummm, why does 11 years suddenly seem so short. 
Can we freeze time?!?!

Reindeer Food!! 

Winding down, or maybe full of energy from all the treats is more like it. 

It was just a great night with friends. 

Have I mentioned - I love the holidays?!?!

Friday, December 6, 2013

"With Hope, the Odds Don't Matter"

When I started this blog I did it to record the little things that were going on in our little family of three. I wasn't the greatest with keeping up, but I tried for a short minute. Then we started the journey to James and this blog was my outlet. I shared it with my adoption circle of friends from all over and friends and family close by to let them follow the long process. It was a long process and at some point I decided to keep it going so that I can look back on the moments that I might otherwise forget. I am kinda sentimental like that. 

I am amazed that other people that I do not know come here to my blog and read. Sometimes I check in on my "feed" and am amazed that someone just recently was reading in Russia, Italy, and especially Seoul. Yesterday, I connected with someone who stopped on my blog and then shared her story with me. 

Her story is one of strength - strength and courage so big that it was hard to watch as the tears filled my eyes. Her story was the story of a mother and daughter and a story of a husband and wife.   Her story was a story of HOPE. 

She asked that I share something that I am thankful for this holiday season and then to share her story. 

I am thankful to be a mother. 

These two are prayers answered and dreams that came true. 

They were the miracles that I hoped for. 

They are my Joy in the Journey of life. 

Heather Von St. James is a mother too. 

This is her story. 

Imagine navigating those first months of motherhood with such a scary diagnosis. 
Imagine being told that you had just fifteen months to live. 

All Heather had was hope, and with that hope she defied the odds. 
She kicked mesothelioma's *SS and now she wants to tell about it. 

She wants to be heard!!!! 

She needs to be heard!!!! 

 Heather could have put this part of her life behind her. 
She could have turned the page and started a new chapter but instead she is making this chapter so much more. She is spreading awareness and spreading hope. 
She is spreading the message, "With hope the odds don't matter". 

Please share Heather's story this holiday season. 

Surely, someone out there needs a little hope.