Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Waiting for Spring

The Wong's have been busy wishing away winter.
The best part of having four seasons is as soon as your over one you
can dream of the next. So, we have been keeping busy with indoor activities
and wishing for Spring. (Thank you groundhog for not seeing your shadow - we owe
you one) So, while we are waiting this is what we were up to this week.

Little man has mastered most of his colors. (red, orange, green, purple, blue, and  his favorite
yellow) We are working on brown still but he just likes to call anything brown "Chocolate".
One day a few weeks ago James came into the room holding a platter from the pretend kitchen and told me it was a circle. So, we decided to start working on shapes. We like to let little man take the lead :)
He catches on quick - he knows circle, star, diamond, heart, oval, triangle and square now.

He is so proud of his shape flash cards and likes to carry a few wherever he goes.

James has had 3 Karate classes now and I just can't get over how cute he looks in his gee.
Grandma had to take it up about a foot in the arms and legs because even the xxxs was too big.
James isn't as thrilled with the uniform as much as his mama - but he is liking it more and more each day.
How cute is he?

My baby girl had a great week filled with school, cooking class, tumbling and an award ceremony.
Each month at school a child is picked to have lunch with the principal and she was thrilled to be
picked for th emonth of January. She was super excited that day and shouted from the rooftops (well maybe not shouted but she made sure to tell everyone she saw).

Then her school had an awards ceremony and all the parents came. She got up on stage to recieve her
award and as she stood among the other Kindergarteners up on the stage she seemed so small still.
While she may not have grown much in height she sure has grown in so many other ways.
In confidence and determination for sure...she has matured so much, learned so much, and overcame so much. She is bright and beautiful - inside and out.
She is nothing short of amazing and I am very proud.

James likes to help mommy do EVERYTHING. How cute is he? sweeping in his underpants!!!

He has now been home 8 1/2 months - how did that happen??!
It feels like he has been home forever - adoption kinda rocks like that.

At night, when I check in on him and watch him sleeping, I wonder how I was lucky enough to be his mama.
I think of how incredibly blessed I am to call him my son.

I pray for the first mother in his life that sacrificed so much so that I could have this wonderful gift.
I pray that she knows that this little boy is healthy, happy, has a huge personality, and is so very LOVED.

One blesses Mama of Two wonderful kids. Life Is Good.