Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Holidays

The Wong's had another busy couple weeks of holiday cheer. 
We had a week of sickness right before Christmas, and poor baby girl had to miss 
her school sing along and the caroling I arranged for her Daisy troop at a local retirement community. 
She was pretty crushed and I just prayed that she would be better for Christmas Eve and was so very thankful that she was. 

Christmas Eve we celebrate with everyone at my house. 
I love filling our home with love and laughter among family and friends. 

How are these two growing so fast?

My greatest gifts ♥

Christmas Morning! 

What little man wanted most was a garbage truck. Santa did not disappoint with a great big one - complete with garbage and recycling cans. Sister says that he can be a "garbage canner" when he grows up. 

Zoey put in a very last minute request of Santa, she wanted Saige, the American Girl Doll that would be retiring. Lets just say, I am sure that Santa sweated a little over this one when it went out of stock just days before Christmas (when it became her #1 Christmas wish). 

If this expression doesn't scream Christmas magic I am not sure what will. 

Opening the gifts Santa brought for sharing. 

James is excited for a whole lot of Seaweed his grandma brought. 

The months of planning, weeks of shopping, waiting in lines on Black Friday, wrapping, and preparing are all worth it when I look back on the pictures and remember the magic. I wish I could bottle it up, and save it forever. The innocence, the joy, their smiles. The look in their eyes. Oh, if I could keep them little - forever. 


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